JABANNA (Irish/Gaelich for jobs) was created to assist unemployed and underemployed workers to find the best job search website for their needs.

There are an estimated 1,500+ job listing websites on the internet and 4 million open jobs posted on them.

Today in 2023 there is an estimated 6+ million people unemployed in the u.s..

Therefore to clear the clutter and find/acquire the best job quickly, candidates need to use the most relevant job search site to their industry and job function.

Getting hired today means applying first, as open job postings, gather 100’s of resumes in the first week.

HR Recruiters shut the window after 50 resumes, so even if you are the most qualified candidate, your application won’t be seen if you apply too late, after the 3rd day of being posted.

Using JABANNA, candidates can find and apply first!

Founder = Dennis Hester SPHR, SHRM-SCP, MS-HR!

Recommended Resources = TEAL (for tracking your job search process to a successful completion)

Partners = GetRich.work (for making you rich) and DustyHomes.com (for finding you a discounted home) and Thiramin.com (for finding you the best date to mate)