We see that remote work allows employers to hire people with greater qualifications. In Europe its normal for candidates to speak multiple languages (English, French, Spanish, German) compared to candidates in the U.S. who only speak English.

While in Ukraine and other former soviet block countries, plus the Philippines/Asia, the standard of living is less expensive. So employers can pay 25% of the cost of an identical employee in the U.S.

A U.S. Helpdesk Employee or Recruiter makes $60,000 while in these countries (Ukraine/Philippines) they are paid $20,000.

While in the U.S we see candidates demanding remote only jobs expecting high salaries, and unfortunately these days are past in post-covid times. Covid times taught employers that remote workers can be successful and an inexpensive option to hiring needs.

48 Replies to “Remote work is not the blessing that U.S. people thought it was.”

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